More New Clothes

As promised in my last post, here are the rest of the bargain priced clothes I bought. These are from Everything 5 Pounds.

This one I’m not sure about as it’s a long tunic, not something I would normally wear. However, I like the pattern so I am going to give it a try and see if I will be able to get used to it. I might wear it with one of the belts I bought that I showed you in my last post. If I find that the length is too annoying for me I will shorten it.


This one is T-shirt material for the front and sleeves and either cotton or polyester cotton for the back. I like this because it’s just a little bit different. There is a slight fault, the neckline doesn’t lie completely flat but I think I will be able to fix that with a needle and thread. I think maybe these clothes are so cheap because they are ‘seconds’, or not quite up to quality control when they leave the manufacturers. I could be wrong. Anyway, I don’t mind the odd fault that I can put right myself.


This one is thin T-shirt material and the white pattern is printed on like a transfer.

I went back on the website and ordered a couple of jackets. Well, at only £5 each what’s the point of only buying one? I think I am in danger of becoming addicted to buying bargain clothes!

Talk to you later,



New Clothes

I don’t spend a lot on clothes. Some women can spend a fortune buying new clothes regularly. Me, I go on an occasional spending spree in the charity shops or on discount/bargain websites. Last week I bought a few things from a couple of cheap websites. I know these aren’t high quality items and they probably won’t last very long but it’s still nice to get new things, isn’t it?

I’m still waiting for the things from one of the websites to be delivered but I will show you what I bought from Less Than 10 Pounds where all items are, as the name suggests, less than £10.

This first item might have been a bad choice:

It looked alright on the model on the website but on me I’m not so sure. Maybe the frayed hems and three quarter length sleeves aren’t really me – I don’t know.

I’ll probably wear it with a belt as in the photo above (and jeans/trousers obviously!).

The belt also came from the same website, along with a black one of the same design:

I don’t usually wear belts but I couldn’t resist these and at only 50p each you can’t really go wrong, can you?

The last item that I bought is my favourite:

This is a fleece shirt and is so soft – I love it!

As you can see I am definitely not a follower of fashion, I just wear things that I like and feel comfortable in. My preferred colours are black and white and shades of blue or lilac.

I’ll show you the things I bought from the other bargain website when they arrive.

Talk to you later,


Time Flies

How the heck is it the middle of September already? What happened to the Summer? We didn’t really have much of a Summer this year, at least not in the north east of England. I seem to remember it was the same last year. Even September so far has had lower than average temperatures. This doesn’t help my moods at all. I’ve never had it diagnosed but I’m pretty sure I suffer from SAD, or Winter Sadness as Diane calls it. She said she takes vitamin D tablets to try and help with it so I’ve started doing the same. Like her, I believe any benefit may just be a placebo effect but I don’t care, as long as it appears to be working I’ll go along with it. To be honest I can’t really say one way or the other, maybe I’ll have a better idea when the clocks go back next month.

I think the I spent the best week of the Summer indoors, decorating. We had the patio windows taken out in the Spring and replaced with normal windows. The room needed decorating so we both took holidays from work in the middle of June to get it done. That was when the weather was sunny and warm. Trust us to pick that week! Never mind, we now have a nice ‘new’ dining room and I love it.


This is the first time since we moved in nearly sixteen years ago that we’ve been able to use this room as a dining room. Before that it was just a mess with a fold away table that had to be pushed against a wall because it was in the way. We used to have two armchairs in there so the table was only put up at mealtimes. We now have a sideboard below the window which we couldn’t have before because of the patio windows. It makes a huge difference, as does the bureau that you can see below the mirror. We can now put stuff away out of sight so there is no clutter on view like there always used to be. We put things away as soon as we’ve finished using them so the room is always tidy. It looks the same now, three months later, as it did when we finished it and I am determined to keep it that way.

I didn’t have any curtains when the first photo was taken but I managed to find a pair in just the right colour. They were way too long but as they were the only pair I could find in that colour I bought them and shortened them.


I really love my new dining room. Obviously We did have a few sunny days after we’d decorated and it must have been warm the day I took the photo as the windows are open – I don’t think they’ve been open much since then!

Talk to you later,



An Early Morning Fox

Quite a while ago I captured a night time photo of a fox in my back garden. It was a surprise as I didn’t think there were any foxes around here. I have seen a couple in the street at night since then so they are obviously living somewhere nearby. Anyway, last year my neighbour replaced our dividing fence and he closed up the gap that I thought the fox had come through so I didn’t think I would see it again. However, when I checked the camera last week I found this:


That was a surprise! I wonder if he climbed over the fence, there are no gaps or holes so he must have done. I’ll have to keep checking the camera to see if he returns.

Talk to you later,


My Electric Bike

I bought an electric bike. I decided I wanted to make things easier for myself for getting to and from work. Going to work isn’t too bad as much of it is downhill but coming home the last few minutes is all uphill and I was fed up of being worn out by the time I reched my house. So I had a few choices. Should I buy myself a little car? But there’s no car park at work so I would have to pay to use the multi-storey and I don’t think I’d feel safe going to collect the car at 8pm when it’s dark. Should I buy myself a little petrol powered scooter? My licence covers me to ride one but then there’s the extra running costs – petrol, insurance etc – and again the problem of where to park at work. My other option was an electric bike. There would be no problems parking it as there are bike racks provided where I work. The only running costs would be what it costs in electricity to charge it which wouldn’t be much at all.

So I went online to see what I could find out about electric bikes and found myself at and immediately decided which bike I was going to buy. I contacted them and they put me in touch with the dealer nearest to my town who, the following day, brought my brand new bike direct to my front door.

I love it!

With pedal assist you get a boost when you turn the pedals a couple of times and as long as you keep pedalling the motor will keep running. When you stop pedalling or you pull the brake, the motor stops. However, my bike is fitted with a throttle on the handlebar which means that I don’t have to pedal at all if I don’t want to. I use the throttle every time I pull away from a junction because it means that I can get up to speed quickly without having to wait for the power to kick in. I do use the pedals though. I did try riding all the way home without pedalling and just using the throttle but I didn’t like it, I prefer pedalling.

This bike is so much fun to ride and with my usage it lasts a week on a full charge.

Talk to you later,